ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder

ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder

ECG Rolls Printing and Paper Rolls Conversion including POS rolls, ATM rolls, Lottery rolls and Calculator rolls

  • Faster cycle time Integrate automatic marking, speed & length control for higher productivity
  • Quick, clean, simple operation coupled with rugged construction assures consistent high productivity
  • Reduces manual operation for quicker changeover
  • Consolidates all winding operations on one side of the machine for faster operation.
Maximum Web Width (mm) 510, 800, 1000
Minimum Slit Width (mm) 25, 30, 30
Parent Roll Diameter (mm) 1000
Minimum Core Diameter (mm) 15
Max. Rewind diameter 200
Designed speed (mpm) 150
Drive 2HP, 3HP, 5HP

ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder
ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder
ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder
ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder

ACE 05 – Slitter Rewinder

ACE 01 – Slitter Rewinder

POS/ATM Rolls Printing

  • PneumaticAssisted Parent Roll Loading
  • Parent Roll Centering System (Manual /Automatic)
  • Strong Air Blower for Trim Removal
  • Automatic Web Tension Control Through Counter Balanced Dancer Roller or Closed loop controlled electronic brake.
  • Easy operation for slitting rotary shear type slitting.
  • Surface winding for perfect & neat wound type.
  • Minimum Idle time & fast cycle time.
  • Automatic Operations like Market, Speed Acceleration, stop controlled through PLC/Automateddrives.
  • Faster cycle time.
  • One Push Button control entire operation system delivers consistently higher quality and productivity repeatability.
Max Web width (mm) 600, 800, 1000
Min. Slit Width (mm) 25, 30
Max. Rewind diameter (mm) 200
Parent Roll Diameter (mm) 1000
Min. Core dia (mm) 15
Designed speed (mpm) 150
Drive 2HP, 3HP, 5HP
Web Guide system Tape less winding
Electronic Tension control
ACE-01 Slitter Rewinder

ACE-01 Slitter Rewinder
ACE-01 Slitter Rewinder

Label Slitter Rewinder

Precicut Layout Diagram

The ACE LI-330 Cantilever Slitting Rewinding Machine designed for multiple applications i.e. Variable Data Printing, Print & Number Verification, Print Inspection, Doctoring and Slitting & Rewinding etc.

  • Cantilever Parent Roll design
  • Electronic Web guide system before VDP platform
  • Closed loop automatic electronic tension control for Parent Roll
  • Splice Table with pneumatic pinch
  • VDP platform with UV dryer options
  • Verification Camera mounting options
  • Doctoring Platform with adjustable Splicing table
  • Scissor & Razor Knife Slitting
  • Ventury Type Trim removal
  • Cantilever Rewind unit with options of quick changing Air shafts for variety of cores.
  • Electronic Taper Tension Controls for Rewinding
  • Advance operations & controls through Touch Screen & PLC
Substrate Label stock 80 – 160 gsm
Max. Web width(mm) 330
Max. Parent Roll dia(mm) 600
Parent Roll Core I.D(mm) 76
Max. Rewind Roll dia (mm) Up to 400
Designed speed (mpm) 200
Slitting Width (mm) 25
Rewind Core I.D (mm) 25mm, 50mm & 76mm