PreciCut - Variable Size Sheeter

Precicut Layout Diagram

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Registered Sheeting Machine

The PRECI-01 Rotary Sheeting Machine designed for Roll to Sheet conversion with over coating. The machine can also be offered as Single color printing with Roll to Roll OR Roll to Sheet application.

  • Cantilever Parent Roll design
  • Electronic Web guide system before VDP platform
  • Closed loop automatic electronic tension control for Parent Roll
  • Scissor OR Crush Slitting System
  • Cantilever Rewind unit
  • Electronic Taper Tension Controls for Rewinding
  • Advance operations & controls through Touch Screen & PLC
  • Sheet Stacker Conveyor with overlapping conveyor
Substrate Label stock 60 – 160 gsm
Max. Web width(mm) 330
Max. Parent Roll dia(mm) 600
Parent Roll Core I.D(mm) 76
Sheeting Size Range 8” – 24” (accurate cutting on mark)
Max. Rewind Roll dia (mm) Up to 500
Designed speed (mpm) : Up to 100 mpm (Roll to Roll), Up to 250 Cuts / Hrs (Roll to Sheet)
Precicut Layout Diagram